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Two months later…


God is good! All the Time! Every time! 😉

Haggai 1:8

Go up to the hills and bring wood and build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and that I may be glorified, says the Lord.
Hi guys! It’s great to be back on our blog! You guys can also follow our ministry on facebook:

Two months into France and we have seen the hand of God move mightily!

When I start a new post I often wonder and think about these following questions:
Why are we here in France, what is the Lord doing through us and how is the investment our supporters put into us growing?

It seems more and more clear to us why we are in France even though we already knew why! We are bringing a tremendous amount of light into this country, just being witness of the LIght of God!

Yesterday after going to an early morning prayer room set and meeting a lost snail at the entrance (that I carefully put back into the high grass) and a black cat staring at me) I was able to pray for P. who is facing dependency problems and for B. who is struggling in his youth years. P. was just telling me how he couldn’t find God and encounter Him because he would smoke too much. I was able to tell him that NO MATTER WHAT HE DID GOD STILL LOVED HIM AND WANTED TO ENCOUNTER HIM! I think the smile on his face afterwards was quite an answer to that prayer.

We are here in France as missionaries because God has called us to be salt and light and because of His Power we are seeing mighty things happen!

Loving France.

God is pouring his heart into us as we learn to love France and especially it’s people more and more. The French people are beautiful and we can see so many attributes of God through them: their kindness, their creativity, their passion, their straightforwardness, their love for the land and much more!

At the supermarket

This morning the lady at the supermarket said hello to me and helped me in various ways and was smiling…! Yes! Her behaviour toward me has changed since the first time I went to her shop. I think the love of God is pouring out on her and her employees and I am eager to find an opportunity to witness…! More to come! ;–9

More and more people are coming to visit us…

Our house is definitely going to be the house of God for the coming years!!! Here are some of the people who are coming / came to visit us!

Daniel a Canadian friend and fellow student  from Kansas City came with his mother: an awesome opportunity to share the vision, to encourage each other and to pray together.
Jennifer and Morgan these two IHOPU students or freshly graduate are still with us, strengthening us in the House of Prayer and encouraging us!

Stephen from Lee’s Summit who is willing to come as an externship and spread the Kingdom of God in France

Cynthia who is willing to come for a month and help us with the House of Prayer

Daniel who is willing to come several months to help us and bless us.

Job or not?

If we keep having so many people join us in the house we will definitely need to focus on hosting and preparing a nice place for those people. Therefore we are praying and fasting to know how God wants to use us, especially when it comes to our budget: do we need to take a paid job to get enough finances? It doesn’t sound like we should but the figures tell us the opposite: who shall we follow and obey? The answer seems quite clear! Lord send your provision!

Thank you guys so much for your support and prayers. We are not alone here in France. Not only because JESUS the King of Kings is with us but also because we have brothers and sisters all over the planet with such a great heart for us!

Bless you!


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