The Lord clearly gave us the picture of the miraculous fishing as we were getting prepared to go back to France.


Indeed, we were catching small fishes and one day I prayed for big fishes! Since then on, the Lord has been continually high-lighting the miraculous fishing: my wife received several HUGE fish pictures on her Facebook pages or people would come to us and tell us about that story or simply pray over us for the miraculous fishing. Finally we received a prophetic word including the miraculous fishing! So there we are! Thank you Lord for being so clear!

This speaks to our hearts: not only do we want to fish on our own but we want to wait for the Lord to show up and tell us where to be able to fish!

The Lord is doing great stuff! Why don’t you guys have a look at what he is doing in France, in Guebwiller with the Tendon family.

We believe we are to be fishers of men as the Lord calls us to be. Matthew 4.19.

We also believe, as fishers, we are to train as fishers, fish as fishers, live as fishers but first of all EXPECT THE LORD IN ALL TIMES to TALK TO US and give us HOLY REVELATION in his season as to WHERE AND WHEN TO FISH! BECAUSE we are expecting a MIRACLE FISHING PARTY!


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