In terms of spiritual discipline… the 4 pillars of meditating the Word and the 4 pillars of prayer

In terms of spiritual discipline… the 4 pillars of meditating the Word and the 4 pillars of prayer


In terms of spiritual discipline I commit to :

(the following examples and details are not meant for me to brag on what I am doing but rather to inspire people to grow in each realm plus each one needs to know what he / she is called to although we are called to grow in each of these realms, we are not called to compare each other but rather to inspire each other and to motivate each other)

Fasting Mondays and Tuesdays, I usually fast lunch time. This is only helpful if I understand why I fast: to be hungry of more of God and not let the pleasures of this earth satisfy me! I highly recommend reading:

The rewards of fasting” free download on:

I have only been doing this since 3 years and although I know how helpful and beneficial it is, I still hate doint it each week. It kills my flesh! That’s probably why it’s so good for me to do it! I know some people fast for longer periods and up to 40 days, I have never (yet) done such thing.

Prayer – the FOUR pillars of prayer

I believe praying is like a muscle which needs to develop. As new-born spiritual converts praying 10 minutes may seem like a long time… As we grow we pray longer periods of time and then we want to keep this ongoing movement between heaven and earth. With music and enjoyable, I have experienced up to 4 hours in a row of joyful prayer and engaging with God. As a disciple of Christ, I commit to…

    Personal prayer in tongues: praying in tongues as much as possible but for sure when I wake up and when I’m in the car of in the prayer room or doing shopping. I especially commit to praying in tongues with boldness during the HOP sets, when spontaneous singing is encouraged. Praying-singing the Bible out loud.

    1 Cor. 14.18: I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you.
    1 Cor. 14.4: Anyone who speaks in a tongue edifies themselves, but the one who prophesies edifies the church.

    Personal prayer for myself and others: going over my prayer lists each day and every week. This discipline keeps me focused and I can write down the fruits, answers and progress in different realms (couple, family, extended family, needs, churches, cities, businessmen/marketplace people, healing, HOP’s…)

    Focus – Faithfulness – Discipline
    James 5.16: Faithfulness. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
    effective: #1757 energoumene: which accomplishes, which works, which influences

    Mat. 5.44: But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,
    Acts 6.4: But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”
    Col. 4.2: Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.
    Col. 4.12: Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God.

    An antidote to anxiety! (counteracting the effects of poison )
    Phil. 4.6: do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

    Personal prayer implication: I want to grab and seize opportunities I have to suggest prayer. It can be for my brothers and sisters encountering needs or non-believers. In terms of Christians, it can be after a discussion, at church, through social media or any other opportunity. I especially commit, when meeting with Christians, to try to keep the conversation focused on Jesus especially when we eat a meal together and suggest prayer almost every time before we leave each other. For non-believers, it is mainly in shops, on the street or the restaurant, my piano teacher.

    Luke 18.41: “What do you want me to do for you?” He said, “Lord, let me recover my sight.”

    I commit to praying on each set that I attend, especially rapid fires and when the mic is open. I love to prepare my prayers thanks to apostolic prayers and relating them to the different topics.

    Acts 1.14: All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together
    1 Tim. 4.13: Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching. 


Using Scripture to pray on the mic: I like to use the Bible to pray during corporate intercession. Bible language unites people, transforms our minds and gives us the right focus and especially God’s promises and perspective on all situations

Using Scripture to pray my different prayer topics: My prayer lists contain the Bible promises for each situation (abundance, healing, reconciliation, provision, peace, joy, guidance…). I align my requests to God’s will and vision and not the contrary! I don’t want God to grant my dreams because I don’t even know what is good for me but I want to receive God’s dreams and then pray them. The promises of the Word are always YES and AMEN!

Meditating the Word – Journaling: I love to meditate the Word, that is small portions that I copy, color, underline, summarize, paraphrase, rephrase, reference and illustrate.

Reading the Bible stories: In order to read larger portions of the Bible, I have chosen like 10 starting points in the Bible where I read from. This enables me to read in the Old and New Testament and to have a global view of the Bible, thus being complementary to meditating small portions

Preparing teachings: I love to prepare teachings even when I’m not teaching. Having a hand-full of prepared teachings, whether preaching them or not is helpful, nourishing and very gratifying! God speaks to me… and to you! ,-)

Four pillars of Bible study / meditation:

  1. There is ONE Bible: reading the Bible as a whole, from beginning to end. Reading books on the “Survey of the Biblical Narrative”.
    Paul recounting the whole story of the Bible:
  2. There is ONE Book: like Acts, the book of Daniel, Matthew…. understanding a whole book. Have a comprehension of the storyline and the purpose of the book. One of the 66 books of the Bible.
    Paul recounting the whole story of Genesis or Exodus:
  3. There is ONE Chapter: like summarizing a chapter, understanding a chunk, a portion. The context of the book and the place it takes in the Bible.
    Jesus quoting the chapter of…
  4. Ther is depth in ONE Verse: cross-reference, strong-numbers, dig, re-write, write, color, draw, sing…
    Jesus quoting Isaiah…

Eric Tendon – Sherbrooke – May 2016 ©

luminomodul’s & lume’s – teachings through module’s and light ©

32 Principles – Acts of the Holy Spirit



32 Principles found in 28 Chapters by E. Tendon (c) 2016 – v1

Not limited to the verses listed


In 2016, while the Lord was training our family in a series of missionary trips (Croatia, Albania, France, Germany, Switzerland, Quebec and the USA), I start wondering about our lifestyle. As a trained economist and money manager, I realized that our trips covering 12,000 miles and over 100 hours of travel were neither logical nor very efficient financially.

The Spirit lead me to study the book of Acts to discover underlying principles and how our Guide envisioned the lifestyle of an apostle or “sent one” to the bride of Christ in order to “edify the saints.”

The result was a greater understanding of our call and lifestyle that He asked of us : a life of simplicity without lack, a life of wandering with an eternel home, and  infinite joy despite sacrifices that are nothing compared to the the eternel glory to come! (Luke 18.29 + 30).

May this study be an
inspiration to you !



  1. They travel often.
    16.6, 16.7, 16.9, 16.40, 21.2, 20.14, 28.1, 28.11
  2.  The Holy Spirit prevents them from going to certain places.
    16.6, 16.7
  3. The Holy Spirit leads them.
    16.6, 16.7, 16.9
  4. They go back to places they’ve already been, which means there are other places to which they don’t go back.
    14.21, 15.36
  5.  They stay longer at certain places.
    14.28, 18.11, 19.8, 20.31, 28.11
  6. They don’t stay as long in other places.
    20.3, 20.6, 21.4
  7. Sometimes they have to flee for their lives.
    9.25, 14.6
  8. They are welcomed in households.
    5.42, 11.26, 16.15, 16.34, 16.40, 18.11, 19.9, 28.7

  1.  They respect and attend the temple (can be placed under « ministry » or « lifestyle »)
    5.25, 5.42, 19.8
  2. They do signs and wonders.
    2.7, 2.11, 2.12, 2.19, 2.22, 4.30, 5.5, 5.12, 5.15, 5.16, 8.13, 14.3, 15.12,
  3. They evangelize.
    14.11, 16.32
  4.  They help and strengthen the local church.
    11.29, 11.26, 16.9, 18.23
  5. They baptize.
    16.15, 16.33
  6. They preach and teach.
    2.42, 4.2, 9.22, 11.26, 15.35, 16.40, 18.26, 18.27, 19.8, 20.20
  7. They live what they preach.
  8. They testify about what God has done.
    3.2, 5.31, 14.27, 15.4, 21.19


  1. They fast often.
  2. They pray often.
  3. They are bold.
    4.31, 4.13, 5.29, 9.20, 9.22, 9.27, 9.29
  4. They have a good knowledge and understanding of the OT.


  1. They create division.
    2.13, 9.23, 14.4, 15.5, 15.7, 16.18, 17.5, 17.13, 17.32, 21.30
  2. Joy dominates their emotional life.
    5.41, 8.39, 13.52, 15.3, 15.31
  3. They cause others to react in fear.
    5.5, 5.11
  4. They have visions.
    16.9, 9.34, 6.13, 6.1, 18.12, 18.15, 19.9, 28.9
  5. Paul is regularly brought before the court and must defend himself.
    voir chapitres 22, 23 et 24
  1. There is a “main minister” and a companion.
  2. The apostles and elders play certain roles.
    14.23, 14.4, 15.22, 15.6
  3. There is a direct connection between sharing the gospel with the Gentiles and rebuilding the tabernacle of David.
    15.16 + chapitre 17
  4. Teamwork and unity are displayed.
    6.3, 11.29, 15.25, 15.23, 15.33, 16.4, 20.4, 20.17, 21.16, 23.18even if they cannot agree and decide to separate.
  5.  They abide the local cultural norms as much as possible.
    6.13, 16.3, 17.2, 17.28
  6. They remind people and emphasize that God is the Creator.
  7. They advocate unity and sometimes life in community.
    4.32, 5.11, 5.12, 6.13, 18.11

If anyone would like to add to this list or add other verses that shore up these principles, I would be delighted!





Hi guys!

Being part of the prayer movement as you can be if you simply believe God is alive, that he listens to our prayers and that you. pray!

I simply was wondering about the temple and I said Holy Spirit teach me about the temple! So here are some thoughts and stuff I found! It’s not finished yet but I thought you would like it!

The Temple of the Lord…

« Knowing God’s home helps us know Him ».

Ernest L. Martin 1977

  1. The temple was a physical replica of God’s heavenly place. Moses was told to build the temple and to make it portable, it was a tent (tabernacle).Let them make me a sanctuary: that I may dwell among them. According to all that I show you, after the pattern of the tabernacle, and the pattern of all the instruments thereof, even so shall you make it.”
    Exodus 25:8–9
  2. It is the place of the dwelling presence of the Lord. It is not the place where the Lord lives (no place is big enough for Him), but the place where he manifests his presence.
    Matt. 23.21 ; Acts 17.24
  3. The tabernacle and all the vessels of the ministry are « patterns of things in the heavens » or « figures of the true » or « example and shadow of heavenly things ». The pattern was shown on the mountain.
    Hebrews 9.23-24, 8.5
  4. *Each physical item had its spiritual counterpart in heaven. So, as long as there was a tabernacle or temple on earth, there was a material reflection of God’s heavenly palace for mankind to see. The temple represented God’s home on earth. Of course, God does not literally dwell in temples made with hands (Acts 17:24), and though the temple at Jerusalem was a true image of the heavenly, in Hebrews it is made abundantly clear that the earthly sanctuary of God is not the very image of the [heavenly] things” (Hebrews 10:1). It was only figures of the true”

    Hebrews 9:24

  5. What God originaly intended in Eden is the model for all the temples found in the Bible. Jesus is the one who gives us full and diret access to the Father.
  6. There is no temple in the city
    And I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb.
    Revelation 21.22
  7. It is a place of teaching : « Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, and he will teach us of his ways and we will walk in his paths : for out of Zion will come forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem ».
    Isaiah 2.3
    NT :
    Jesus taught in the temple
    Luke 21.37
  8. It is a place to learn where to walk according to the path of the Lord.
    Jer. 3.17 ; Isaiah 2.3
  9. Is located on a mountain top (mountain of the Lord’s house, established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills ; and all nations shall flow unto it). It is on mount Sion in Jerusalem.
    Isaiah 2.2
    NT :
    Jesus went to the mountains during the night.
    Luke 21.37
  10. Is a place that will be established in the last days (or latter days).
    Isaiah 2.2
  11. Is a place where all nations gather.
    Isaiah 2.2 ; Micah 4.1-3 ; Isaiah 56.7
  12. Is a place of judgment
    Isaiah 2.2
  13. Is a place where the disciples gather continually. Jesus is risen from the dead and appears to the disciples.
    Luke 24.54
  14. Is a place of worship and blessing God.
    Luke 24.54
  15. Is described in the whole Bible (Micah, Isaiah, Luke,….)Micah 4:1-3
  16. It is a holy place
    Isaiah 56.7, Zach. 8.3
  17. It is a joyful place : « … I will make them joyful in my house » !
    Isaiah 56.7
  18. It is a place of prayer and should be dedicated to prayer
    Isaiah 56.7 ; Matt. 21.13 ; Isa. 56.7 ; Mark 11.17 ; Luke 19.46 ;
  19. It is a place of sacrifices
    Isaiah 56.7
  20. It is the place of the throne of God
    Jer. 3.17
  21. … and from the throne is a river
    Revelation 22.2
  22. … and from the throne is a tree
    Revelation 22.2
  23. There is a tension between worshipping on the mountain and worshipping in spirit and truth.
    John 4.23

Michah 4.1-3, Isaiah 2.2-3


It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and it shall be lifted up above the hills; and peoples shall flow to it, and many nations shall come, and say: “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that he may teach us his ways and that we may walk in his paths.” For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. He shall judge between many peoples, and shall decide for strong nations far away; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore;

The Newsletter Tension – Ten Minutes with the Tendons


As a missionary, you’re constantly trying to stay connected with the people you know, those who love you, those who are partners and basically anyone interested.

Therefore the newsletter you can send several times a year is of great interest and value.

It’s always a tension to know what to put in the newsletter.

If you only put hard, challenging and difficult stuff, it feels like you’re complaining… who wants to read the newsletter of a loser? This is especially true with North American people who have a glorious habit of being very positive. So we try to keep the news encouraging, as the Bible is.

If you only put encouraging, joyful, victorious stuff in your newsletter, then, and this really happened, you get feedback, usually not directly, that your life is unreal, and your Gospel seems dream / sugar / candy – like… So we try to keep the news very close to the truth, as the Bible is. I could very clearly feel in some of our European contacts that they were astonished things were doing so well….

This is especially a challenge when you’re writing to friends and relatives, partners and people interested who live in the States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France and some other places like Nepal or China…

How then shall we do? Have different versions of our newsletter adapted to cultural differences… this seems really too much on top of having the newsletter translated and offered in three languages!

I think we’re doing quite well in terms of cultural sensitivity and I just wanted to share those thoughts. I also want to apologize for anyone who was maybe feeling we were a little bit “off”.

Whatever the thoughts are, I just think it’s an immense blessing to be on several nations and several cultures and trying to adapt. The more mistakes we make and the more we try and connect with nations, the more I am impressed by God’s glory throughout the nations and it is his total wisdom to give different nations different aspects of his beauty. The Germans are definitely very good organizers and they are efficient. The Americans are very encouraging, pioneering and joyful, the French are full of passion, social relationships and creativity, and the Swiss are simply amazing, easy-going and friendly.

God bless the nations ! Eric Tendon – Sherbrooke – May 2015





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Our family is doing well in Quebec! It has snowed every single day since we arrived… we thought we were going to Quebec… hahaahh! Not Alaska! We are leading sets, teaching, coaching and connecting and it’s awesome! It’s definitely a time of transition.

Two months later…


God is good! All the Time! Every time! 😉

Haggai 1:8

Go up to the hills and bring wood and build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and that I may be glorified, says the Lord.
Hi guys! It’s great to be back on our blog! You guys can also follow our ministry on facebook:

Two months into France and we have seen the hand of God move mightily!

When I start a new post I often wonder and think about these following questions:
Why are we here in France, what is the Lord doing through us and how is the investment our supporters put into us growing?

It seems more and more clear to us why we are in France even though we already knew why! We are bringing a tremendous amount of light into this country, just being witness of the LIght of God!

Yesterday after going to an early morning prayer room set and meeting a lost snail at the entrance (that I carefully put back into the high grass) and a black cat staring at me) I was able to pray for P. who is facing dependency problems and for B. who is struggling in his youth years. P. was just telling me how he couldn’t find God and encounter Him because he would smoke too much. I was able to tell him that NO MATTER WHAT HE DID GOD STILL LOVED HIM AND WANTED TO ENCOUNTER HIM! I think the smile on his face afterwards was quite an answer to that prayer.

We are here in France as missionaries because God has called us to be salt and light and because of His Power we are seeing mighty things happen!

Loving France.

God is pouring his heart into us as we learn to love France and especially it’s people more and more. The French people are beautiful and we can see so many attributes of God through them: their kindness, their creativity, their passion, their straightforwardness, their love for the land and much more!

At the supermarket

This morning the lady at the supermarket said hello to me and helped me in various ways and was smiling…! Yes! Her behaviour toward me has changed since the first time I went to her shop. I think the love of God is pouring out on her and her employees and I am eager to find an opportunity to witness…! More to come! ;–9

More and more people are coming to visit us…

Our house is definitely going to be the house of God for the coming years!!! Here are some of the people who are coming / came to visit us!

Daniel a Canadian friend and fellow student  from Kansas City came with his mother: an awesome opportunity to share the vision, to encourage each other and to pray together.
Jennifer and Morgan these two IHOPU students or freshly graduate are still with us, strengthening us in the House of Prayer and encouraging us!

Stephen from Lee’s Summit who is willing to come as an externship and spread the Kingdom of God in France

Cynthia who is willing to come for a month and help us with the House of Prayer

Daniel who is willing to come several months to help us and bless us.

Job or not?

If we keep having so many people join us in the house we will definitely need to focus on hosting and preparing a nice place for those people. Therefore we are praying and fasting to know how God wants to use us, especially when it comes to our budget: do we need to take a paid job to get enough finances? It doesn’t sound like we should but the figures tell us the opposite: who shall we follow and obey? The answer seems quite clear! Lord send your provision!

Thank you guys so much for your support and prayers. We are not alone here in France. Not only because JESUS the King of Kings is with us but also because we have brothers and sisters all over the planet with such a great heart for us!

Bless you!


The Tendon’s

One Month Later…


Funny How Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Yes! We arrived one month ago and the Lord has been faithful and good!

The House

As you guys know, the Lord has provided for us a beautiful and big house! The whole family feels very comfortable in it and it has already been a great tool for inviting friends, prayer times, hosting BBQ’s and tons of other stuff. Thank you Jesus! As we focus on building Your house Jesus, you provide for a house for us!

The Prayer Room

We are currently doing one set per day in the Prayer Room called “Meeting Tent”. There are currently about 30 hours per week going on in the Prayer Room. We focus on devotional times, prayer-walking in the vineyards, Worship With the Word and Intercession. God is raising up his people in righteousness and holiness.

The Christian School

Contacts have been made with the local “Daniel Academy”. We are in contact with them for the Summer training programs and also for September when school will start back.

The School of Worship

The vision has been casted!!! And it appears more and more clearly that instead of being a school of worship it will be a school of the WORD, WORSHIP and PRAYER! As we do not want to put musicians and singers on their own but we want them to be trained in the Word and Prayer as well as we want non-musicians to be trained in the Word and in Prayer and flow with the musicians. The school should start in a few months as we are working on the details and seeking the Lord for more precisions! God is good. We are thrilled by the vision of working together with music, prayer and the Bible.

Teaching Teachers

Ugly laws are being discussed in France: forbidding public schools to use “genders” when talking about situations. There is a total confusion between men and women and marriage… Thus a lot of Christians and even Pastors who were reluctant to Christian schools are “banging” at the doors of Christian schools!!!! Therefore the need is immense of training teachers coming from public schools to be able to integrate the Bible and the Word of God into their teaching skills. The Lord is raising up a strong school for teachers. We are meeting on a regular basis to make the foundations of this school very strong!

Working on our budget

We are now covering about 70% of our budget but we still lack 30%. We keep praying and are wondering if we have to take a part time job. Unfortunately this would hinder us from being more involved in the school especially for management skills.

International Connections

We have had Pastor Bob from Montana at our place and are expecting two young american IHOPERS for August. Germany is coming in the form of 25 youngsters willing to be trained, in a month. Not only are we going to the nations but we are having the nations come to us! And by the way we also had a Swiss couple at our place for a night and they now live in Normandy (Northern France) where a burden for houses of prayer is raising!


Would you please pray for us?

– Lord pour out your finances, we need more money!

– Lord give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation so as to understand your plans and your times

– Lord pour out your blessing on the local church and school


Bless you guys! ,-)

Arriving in France



Hi guys! ’bout time we gave you some info on our arrival in France!  Thank you so much for your prayers!!!!

Delayed flight:
The tempest in Kansas City delayed our flight to Dallas of about an hour thus we did not catch our flight to New York. Our flight was rescheduled twice and when we finally got a flight to Chicago then to Zürich (Switzerland) it was last minute and we had to pay for the pets one more time because American Airlines and Swiss Airlines did not manage to communicate well enough… God kept us safe although we had a few turbulences…

From Zürich to Buhl (France):
We finally got to Zürich… and there about ten of our friends / families showed up with our two vehicles… After eating Swiss bread, Swiss chocolate and Italian salami, we said goodbye and headed to Buhl in France, about 2 hours from Zürich with our two vehicles. It was now 2 pm local time (7am Missouri time) and we had been traveling since more than 24 hours! Emmanuelle had to stop after an hour: she was falling asleep. We rested half an hour and she drank an “energy drink”…. then we had to keep driving.

A 200 year-old “new” house:
At 5pm Emmanuelle and I met the landlord of our “new” 200 year-old house! What a blessing! Ten rooms, a garden, a backyard, an electric door gate… a river 30 seconds away… such a blessing! God gave us a good spirit of collaboration. They used to be missionaries and they now live in Paris.

At 9.30 pm local time (2.30pm Kansas City time)…

About 15 youngsters of the local church greeted us in our new house with fresh French bread, a WELCOME banner, and a clean house… It had now been about 36 hours since we had left our home in Grandview… what a trip! We really felt at home. God’s family is such a grace. Thank you Jesus!

We have been moving our furniture (another experience!!!), doing paperwork, meeting people and getting settled! There is still much to do but the Lord is really faithful! Thank you guys for praying for us and looking forward to keeping in touch! Bless you guys! Please pray we can bring our two cars officially to France because the border wants us to pay about 10 thousand dollars because we moved from Switzerland more than one year ago so they are saying we are importing goods and not just moving!

We have met about 10 leaders for the French speaking Christian Schools: the strategies for tomorrow in establishing new Christian Schools, training the teachers and preparing for our March 2014 annual Conference in Paris! More info later…

Love you guys! ;–) Eric